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GSPC Mini Episode #6: Talking Arcades with’s Adam Pratt

December 26, 2017

The coin operated game industry remains a vital part of interactive entertainment, and's Adam Pratt is in the trenches, both as a blogger and as an owner operator, running the Game Grid Arcade in the Salt Lake City Utah area. Rob discusses various aspects of the arcade business, including topics such as:

1. Why does most arcade game designs limit themselves to light gun shooters and racing games?

2. Do arcade game designers shun skill in their designs, and if so, why?

3. What impact does the recent expansion of Round1 arcades from Japan have in the American arcade industry?

4. How are the "arcade indies" doing?

5. What cool stuff might be coming in 2018 for arcades?

Rob Howard can be reached at, @rohoGames on twitter, rohoGames80 on instagram, and rohoGames on facebook. His website is

Adam Pratt can be found at

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