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GSPC Episode #67: Multiplayer Level Design Fundamentals with Gabriel Galaz (Insomniac, LucasArts, Sledgehammer, Cold Iron)

September 6, 2020

What makes the Grid Snaps Podcast unique in the world of video game podcasting is the game industry expertise of the hosts. Yet that's not all: Rob and Kip have many industry friends and colleagues, and it is always a special treat when they come on the show to share with us!

If you are interested in multiplayer level design, look no further than this podcast, as Rob and Kip interview Insomniac, LucastArts, Sledgehammer Games and Cold Iron designer Gabriel Galaz. Topics covered include:

1. Gabe's career and what got him into games.

2. Multiplayer level design fundamentals: what are they?

3. How to balance ego and humility.

4. The use of metrics in game design and development: how to make fun a tangible goal, not some magic that randomly happens.

This was a really fun interview- not just because of the conversation, but because of all the learning and knowledge Gabe graciously shared! A must listen!

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