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GSPC Episode #60: Game Dev from Soup to Nuts Part 2: Pre-Production

June 1, 2020

So you have the pitch... you're green lit! You have publisher money! Hurray! Now what?

You do pre-production- that magical, blue-sky part of game dev where nothing is out-of-scope yet and the hard decisions haven't yet been made!

So what happens in a pre-pro? Rob and Kip discuss their experiences with:

1. Vertical Slices (spoiler: we don't like them)

2. Gamejams (spoiler: it's nuanced!)

Prepro can be some of the most fun you'll have making games, but it is so important: fail here, and the rest of the project is a disaster... if it even gets finished!

Check out Part 1, "The Pitch," here:

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