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GSPC Episode #59: Rob and Kip Interview Wayne Harvey, Founder of Vicious Cycle Software and Tiki Tantrum LLC

April 22, 2020

Ten years ago a company named Vicious Cycle decided to give a wet behind the ears designer a shot in the industry- Rob Howard. Though Rob's time at Vicious was short, it was memorable, with titles such as Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon and Despicable Me: The Game under his belt.

Since the closure of Vicious Cycle, Wayne Harvey (founder and CTO of the company) has moved on to start Tiki Tantrum LLC. They've already released a game: Elevated Video Poker. However, this game laid the groundwork for the company's next title, The Soak. The Soak is an RPG with amazing "Garbage Pail Kids" style art (you can't look away!) with a fascinating underlying card game mechanic. Wayne talks at length about The Soak (currently in development) as well as his varied and interesting past in the video game industry. A must listen!

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