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GSPC Episode #35: Rob and Kip talk Halo’s Hang Em’ High

September 19, 2018

A CRT monitor, an original Xbox, the trunk of your car... and fun. Everyone loves the original Halo, but most people remember the map "Hang Em' High" specifically. Why is this map so beloved? Rob and Kip dig deep to figure it out!

Episode Notes:

-In Hang Em' High, gameplay was king. Had to keep at a high framerate, no fluff.

-Environment artists like Kip love to take gameplay focused spaces and create visually compelling elements with it.

-Creativity being about multiple people coming up with ideas together.

-Why Hang em' High is a map we still talk about so many years after the game was released?

-Rob talks about how the game design is fully exploited in the level design of Halo: Combat Evolved.


-"Level Design always has to take the ingredients of the game design and enhance them." -Rob


-Rob and Kip's amazing firefight during our play session and what the says about the map.


-"It [Hang em' High] takes into account every ounce of the multiplayer game design [of Halo CE] and has something to say about it." - Rob


"You use the design work as the palette for the visuals and to apply applicable shapes; ascribe visuals that lend themselves well to the environment you are trying to make." - Kip Carbone


"You can create shapes that work well for the space you need to make that's fun for the gameplay." - Kip Carbone


"I try to be true to the game design. I rely on the game designer, their vision. I'm accentuating that." -Kip Carbone


"You can make the most amazing Mise-en-scène... but you're gonna run past them at a million miles per hour, versus the monolithic structures in a Halo map. You gotta have those." -Rob


-Capture the flag as a great level design exercise.


-What is a whitebox?


-Exile from Halo 4 being a great example of the design process at work.

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