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GSPC Episode #19: Arcades with’s Adam Pratt

February 28, 2018

By popular demand, we go back to the arcades with Adam Pratt! Rob and Adam discuss the latest arcade news, including the exciting Exa-Arcadia board, Tomb Raider Arcade, and a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game! We discuss arcade game design, getting into the nuts and bolts of gun games like Aliens: Armageddon and The Walking Dead.

Finally, we talk about the business of arcades, in which Adam describes how 2017 was his best year ever in almost a decade of business. Listen to find out which games did best for him, and which didn't! Finally, we get some field reporting from Rob's daughter, Helena Howard, who reviews a few arcade games on location at Round1USA in San Jose California!

Tomb Raider Arcade

Exa-Arcadia releasing in the United States - new Neo Geo style multi-game in one cabinet: 

Adam's awesome arcade t-shirts on Teepublic:

Adam's book, The Arcade Experience:


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