The Grid Snaps Podcast

GSPC Episode #16: Destination Games Part 2

February 7, 2018

Rob and Kip wrap up their discussion on destination games. Rob goes all the way back to Pole Position, which he identifies as one of the first video games to effectively utilize a real world location (Mt. Fuji). Kip contrasts his experiences in Hong Kong with the set dressing used in various Street Fighter games. Rob brings up The Getaway from Team Soho, which attempted recreate a section of London as accurately as possible, while Kip discusses the difficulties with this literal approach. Finally, Rob and Kip agree that often a representational, not necessarily literal, can be effective in establishing the flavor of a real world location. Kip says to google "dingbat apartments" to learn something about Los Angeles!

Games Mentioned:

Pole Position
Rad Racer
Cruisin' Blast
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter III Third Strike
The Getaway

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